GameDevHQ Git Class Part 1a — Signing up at BitBucket

If you haven’t signed up before, go to .

Click the “Get it free” button. You will then see this screen:

Click Next and continue. You should see this login screen. If you have already signed up for Git, you should use the same user name and email address. If not, you’ll have to download Git (see my GameDevHQ Git Class Part 1 — Signing up at Github and Downloading Git).

Once you have put in the Username, put in the email you want to use, and then set up the password. If your antivirus or browser has a password feature, you can use that.[i] Click “Sign up” to continue.

The next screen will show a puzzle. Good luck — it’s the one with the “find the ___in the pictures.” Personally not one of my favorites.

When you are successful, you’ll see this screen.

Check your email. You should see one similar to this:

Click “Verify your email”. When you go back to the bitbucket site, you should see this screen:

Put in your email and password(from setup) and click “Continue.” You should see this screen:

Just skip this and continue — we do want as many options as they have.

Congratulations! You got in! This is all that’s needed for now — we will use this in a later discussion.

[i] If you need a password (it’s good to have a long password that doesn’t include a pet or family name), you can go to and generate one — it’s free. If you open a new tab and go there, you can copy/paste back into the password field. Be sure to store it somewhere — again, your antivirus/browser has a place.



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