GameDevHQ Git Class Part 1 — Signing up at Github and Downloading Git

If you haven’t signed up for github — go to . You should see this screen:

Fill in the user name. If this name exists, the site will tell you and suggest alternatives:

Once you have put in the Username, put in the email you want to use, and then set up the password. If your antivirus or browser has a password feature, you can use that.[i]

Next, you need to solve a puzzle. It’s pretty easy and if you have problems, you can reset it or use an alternate verification.[ii] After you have “passed”, click “Create Account”.

You should then see this screen:

Click the verify address or use the link if the button isn’t working. Once you have clicked this, you should see this screen. Congratulations! You got in!

The next step is to download Git. Git allows us to work with Github. To do this, go to

Go to the monitor graphic where the latest version is (as of 4/20, the current version was 2.31.1). Click the “Download 2.32.1 for Windows” button. It will automatically download the 64 bit version, which is what you want:

You might get this message; otherwise it will just download. If you do get this message, just click “Keep”.

Once it has downloaded, you need to open the download by clicking the up arrow next to the download and selecting “Open”. You might have okay it to run, depending on how you have your device set up. Then a series of screens should appear.

You can read if you want — it’s pretty much an opensource license. Click Next to continue.

The component selections are fine — click Next.

This is fine too — click Next.

If you are working for a company and they have their own branch name, check with them and then put the name in the blank space; otherwise, just click Next.

This is fine too. You’ll be able to use a variety of tools — even PowerShell(old IT joke, sorry, but it actually does).

Again, if working for a company and you do need to use certificates designated by your company, check with them first. If not, or no issues, just click Next to continue.

This is fine — especially with projects. Click Next to continue.

This is fine too — just click Next.

The default is good — click Next to continue.

Since this is a newer version, there has been an upgrade of the credential manager. Just click Next.

This is fine too. Performance boost is good! Click Next to continue.

Finally, we can install! Click install to continue.

Once this is done, you’ll see this screen.

Just unclick the “View Release Notes”. Then click “Finish”. You’re all set!

[i] If you need a password (it’s good to have a long password that doesn’t include a pet or family name), you can go to and generate one — it’s free. If you open a new tab and go there, you can copy/paste back into the password field. Be sure to store it somewhere — again, your antivirus/browser has a place.

[ii] I tested this out a few times and it works for color challenged people.



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