GameDevHQ Git Class 1B — Set up Unity

Go to You should see this screen:

Click the Get Started button

On this screen, click the Individual tab:

The screen will change to this:

Click the Get Started button Personal unless you’re taking a class at an accredited school, then you would use Sign up button for Student. We will be using Personal.

You will then see this screen:

Use the First-time users “Start here” button and a window will pop up:

The Unity terms are pretty self-explainable — you basically can’t make or raise funds in excess of $100K. You can click the “Terms of Service” and “Privacy Policy” if you want more information. You should then click the “Agree and download” button.

The Unity Hub will download. This app allows you to create projects.

Since I already have Unity Hub, there is a (1) next to the download. If you don’t have it installed, click the up arrow and click “open” and follow the instructions. It should install on your hard drive.

Once it has downloaded, there will be a shortcut on your display screen. Double-click it to open.

You will see something like this — I crossed out my projects. If using it the first time, you won’t have any.

Click the NEW button:

The location defaults to your desktop but you can create a folder and store it there. As long as the Unity program can find it. We will call this project “Version Examples”. Once you click “Create”, Unity will start opening a project. You will see it installing on the desktop tab. Depending on the version you use, you will see a splash screen. Then the project will open.

We can close this now but you now have Unity Hub installed on your desktop so you can access this again.



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